About the Witchwood

What's going on here?
In March 2019 I bought 6 acres of undeveloped hemlock-birch forest land in New Hampshire. I intended to do a botanical survey of the plants present on my land, but it has quickly ballooned to a general life survey of plants, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects, and on and on.

Who are you? 
I'm Laura. I'm an amateur naturalist and botany enthusiast living in Massachusetts. 

What is the Witchwood?
That's the name of my land.

Where is all this happening?
Most posts are about the beauty and wonders I find at the Witchwood in Windsor, NH. I note specifically when they are not. 

Do you plan to build a house on your land?
Definitely not. For me, this is a sacred place that I plan to explore, enjoy, and conserve in its natural state.

Ok, but I saw a building in some of your photos...
There is an outhouse that came with the land. It's sort of falling apart and could use some serious repairs. I'll get to that eventually. 

Why is this blog called "A Land Like This One"? 
"All of my life I have searched for a land like this one..."

How did you learn all this stuff? 
I'm mostly self-taught from guide books and the internet. I've taken a few classes at the Native Plant Society in Framingham, Massachusetts, but mostly I just go out and explore and take a lot of photos and look things up when I get home. 

Are you a professional biologist or botanist?
Nope! I'm a product manager at a tech company. This isn't my profession; it's my passion. But who knows what the future will bring. I'm starting to dream about going back to school for a Masters in conservation or botany some day. For now, I'm happy where I am. 

How do I learn more about this stuff? 

I have another question...
I love questions! Please leave a comment and I would love to tell you more.