Progress Report #1

I took a long weekend and spent three glorious days on my land 💚

It is still pretty chilly at night, and I haven't scoped out tent sites yet. So Nathaniel and I commuted the half-hour back and forth from my family's cabin. 

This trips goals were:
  • Phenology: check out the progress of Spring and hopefully see the first wildflowers in bloom
  • Shelter: put up a basic tarp shelter from this ridiculously rainy Spring
  • Bridge: build the first bridge iteration - some logs thrown across the brook with a rope as a hand rail. 
  • Savor: spend a lot of time basking in the glory of the place.
Success on all counts!

Thank you to Nathaniel for the video 💚

Other accomplishments:
  • Ran around barefoot for the first time
  • Didn't fall off the bridge in the brook
  • Obtained a table for the shelter to go with the Adirondack chairs