Summer Bursting Forth - July 12


I missed the previous two weekends, and so much has changed since I was last here! It's well and truly summer now. And for the most part, the flowering activity has moved from the forest to the brook. 

Allegheny Monkeyflower

American Water-Pennywort

American Water-Pennywort - close-up of tiny flowers

St John's Wort (unsure which one)

Side-flowering Skullcap

Bur-Reed (unsure which one)


Swamp Candles

Marsh Speedwell

Tall Meadow-Rue

There are a few special things blooming in the orchid swamp: 

Greater Purple Fringed Orchid

Alpine Enchanter's Nightshade

And a very few in the dry forest:
Ghost Pipes

And in the disturbed area along the road:
Self Heal (non-native)


Cardinal Flower

Whorled Wood Aster

Water Parsnip

Common Boneset



Pink Lady's-Slipper Orchid

Northern Blue Flag Iris

Bolete (unsure which one)


Green Frog

Green Frog