Feeling like Fall - September 19-20

It's really feeling like fall now! Emily and I spent the night Saturday into Sunday and it got down to 36 degrees F. My toes were cold all night long! But the campfire felt wonderful <3 

Social distanced camping works pretty well - just stay on opposite sides of the fire pit :)

The leaves are just starting to turn. There aren't many on the ground yet, but the color variety is lovely. 


There's a tiny bit of summer Cardinal Flower hanging on:

Cardinal Flower

Mostly, it's fall flowers and fall fungi. 

Bottle Gentian

American Aster

American Aster growing through Bottle Gentian :) 

Swamp Aster

Look at this gorgeous katydid on Flat-top White Aster. I got to watch it for several minutes. See the pollen on it's antennae? It seemed like it might be feeding on nectar and the flower petals themselves.