In the Neighborhood: Exploring Upstream

Emily and I walked up to Black Pond, the source of my brook, Black Pond Brook. It's damned, and there's a place I'd like to launch my kayak some day. 

Most of the pond is not pictured - on the other side of the bridge

As we approached the pond, we encountered this impressive sight - two turkey vultures high up in a tree, one sunning itself magnificently. 

We found the old Town Pound "Windsor 1798 In the early 1800s this area was used to protect animals who had gone astray. The owner made claim and paid 50 center per day for each animal's food and drink"

And also the town cemetery. I'd hoped to find some interesting plants there. Old cemeteries are often havens for rare plants because they are seldom disturbed. But this one had been mowed practically to the dirt. I'll have to check back at other times through the year

We also found what used to be the community church and met Pat Hines, whose family has owned the property for more than 100 years. 

We wandered our way down the brook back to my land. 

There were a couple of beaver ponds, which makes sense since I've found beaver-cut trees on my land.