Spring in Bloom - May 8

The spring wildflowers are in bloom!

The painted trillium is shining:

The arbutus smells delicately heavenly:

A mining bee has found the bellwort:

The skunk currant and goldthread are budding and blooming:

The showy-but sterile-flowers around the edge of the hobblebush inflorescence are blooming, and the smaller, subtler fertile flowers in the middle are in bud: 

The starflower and bluebead lily are budding:

The yellow coralroot orchid is also budding - these guys are tiny and so difficult to photograph well!

And to cap it all, I found two spotted salamander egg masses in the vernal pond by the brook!

Note: this post was written long after the fact on Feb 26, 2023 but I've backdated it to May 8, 2022 which was the day of the visit so as to preserve the flow of the blog posts.