Starting to Look Like Fall - August 27

It's starting to look a bit like fall with a mix of late summer and fall-blooming wildflowers and several shrubs in fruit. 

Virginia marsh St. John's-wort and nodding beggarticks are flowering: 


As are narrowleaf bottle gentian and pickerelweed. I was glad to see that the narrowleaf bottle gentian have made it this long without being eaten like their cousins I posted about last week. 


Winterberry holly immature fruit have appeared - they'll turn bright red later. And the wild raisin are starting to turn purple:

He-huckleberry have appeared (they're in the same family as the huckleberry we eat, but aren't delicious), and the hobblebush fruits are red:

And then there were the creature friends! The always-adorable "red eft" stage of eastern newt:

And, masters of disguise, a wood frog and a katydid:

And this is just a sample of the ~58 species I saw on my visit! 


Note: this post was written long after the fact on Feb 26, 2023, but I've backdated it to August 27, 2022 which was the day of the visit so as to preserve the flow of the blog posts.