Seep Into Spring - April 28

The time has come to watch the seeps1 
And see what they will show.
You'll only spot a green like this
When Spring first starts to glow. 

You'll miss the golden-saxifrage2
Unless you check the mud
For mats of tiny leafy plants
With 8 pricks, red as blood3


A seep is a small wetland where groundwater naturally comes to the surface. Seeps are often the first areas of forests to green in the spring. Read more
2 American golden-saxifrage (Chrysosplenium americanum) is a flowering plant found only in wetlands. It is easily overlooked due to its small size and lack of showy flowers. 
The 8 red spots are anthers - the pollen-bearing structure of the flower. Golden-saxifrage does not have petals, only 4 green sepals that unfold rather like box flaps to reveal the reproductive parts. You can see them folded closed on unopened buds if you look closely at the 3rd photo. 

Happy Spring!