Skip to Summer - July 20

I haven't been to the Witchwood for almost 2 months. I was traveling in the Balkans, orchid hunting in Switzerland and Slovenia. What an experience! 17 new orchid species in 3 weeks! 

The brook is running low now, as expected in summer. But it looks like there was a big flood at some point - the absurdly heavy bridge was washed off the boulders where it has sat for several years undisturbed. 

The non-native broad-leaved helleborine orchid is blooming (left) - I saw it in Croatia where it belongs, along with its cousins small-leaved helleborine (middle) and dark-red helleborine (right), which don't occur here: 

It seems to be white flower time here. We've got ghost pipes, meadow-rue, dewdrop, white meadowsweet, and pearly everlasting: 

This entry was written after the fact and back-dated to the date of the visit to preserve the flow of the blog.