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2019 Naturalist Highlights

I intended to spend as much of the 2019 field season as possible in Vermont exploring calcareous habitats and bogs for their unique flora. That changed in March when I bought land and refocused on observing that place deeply through the seasons. It was incredibly rewarding! I did manage a couple interesting side trips and some volunteering. 
Bought 6 acres of forest in NH & began a biological survey Found a new (to me) ephemeral: Squirrel Corn Completed three plant conservation volunteering surveys & located all three populationsFound two new (to me) orchid species: Yellow Coralroot and Broad-lipped TwaybladeRe-found a rare orchid hybrid Platanthera x keenanii I unknowningly found years agoFound an odd mutant orchidSubmitted records of four other observations the state might be interested in to VPRSCo-lead my first official nature walks with Earthwise Aware in September and NovemberMade and uploaded 1954 new observations to iNaturalist, for an all-time total of 3008665 species